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DYWIDAG Systems International (DSI) - About Us

DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) is a globally leading
system supplier of innovative technologies for Construction
and Underground.


The company’s long tradition reaches back as far as 1865 - the founding year of the German construction firm, Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG (DYWIDAG). DSI was founded in order to market DYWIDAG Systems and technical know-how around the world and to develop innovative systems resulting from its own R&D activities.

DSI Technology

In more than 90 countries and at 28 regional manufacturing sites, DSI develops, produces and supplies high quality systems such as DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems, Geotechnical Systems and “Concrete Accessories“ for the Construction industry.


In the Underground business, the product range includes a wide variety of anchors and ground support products for Mining and Tunneling. In accordance with the company slogan "Local Presence - Global Competence", more than 2,100 specialized and experienced DSI employees ensure that DSI’s technologies and know-how are available around the world. DSI offers quality on all levels – quality that is characterized by creativity, reliability and profitability.

Comprehensive Services

DSI’s comprehensive services include the conception, design, planning and installation of its systems as well as quality management and on site supervision.

Research & Development

Continued investments in Research & Development and the resulting patent applications sustainably strengthen the know-how available within the DSI Group. By offering innovative solutions in accordance with superior quality standards, DSI fulfills the constantly changing requirements of its target markets.


DSI is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Client Orientation

The needs and requirements of clients and business partners are always of paramount importance. Characterized by reliability, trust and cooperation based on partnership, DSI offers its clients the advantages of an international system supplier with a product range that is tailored to suit individual requirements.

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