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DSI has the world’s first Multistrand Approval for Stay Cable Bridges!

Since April 2016, DSI has had a general technical approval for DYNA Grip® Multistrand Stay Cables. It is the first approval around the world to regulate Multistrand Stay Cable Systems.

The approval includes Multistrand Stay Cables with 12 to 61 strands and also comprises alternative applications with and without guide elements, PE ducts and damper connections. This way, DSI underlines its know-how as a global system supplier. Larger Multistrand Systems can be evaluated project-specifically.

Thanks to the new approval, the tests and approvals that were individually needed for each project are no longer necessary. DSI is currently working on an additional approval for galvanized stay cable strands.

The system approval is both valid for Type 0.62” strands with a nominal strength of 1770N/mm² and of 1860N/mm²; however, in Germany, only strands with a nominal strength of 1770N/mm² are permitted in bridge construction in accordance with ZTV-Ing 4.4 and DIN EN 1993-1-11.

Currently, several national and international projects that are based on the new approval for DYNA Grip® Stay Cable Systems are in the planning stage. DSI is expecting sustainable growth in this innovative business area thanks to the new approval.

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