Lahovice Bridge post-tensioned with DYWIDAG Strand Tendons

Lahovice Bridge near Prague, Czech Republic

As part of the extension of an expressway from Prague to Strakonice a new bridge is being built.

The 200 m long structure consisting of two parallel single bridges will cross the valley of the Berounka river near Prague. The deck widths are 2 x 17 m, the span widths between 30 and 40 m. The DSI licensee SM 7 A.S. Prague was awarded the contract for the post-tensioning work in the bridge.

The longitudinal post-tensioning consists of twelve 19-0.6" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons St 1570/1770 per bridge cross section. The deck was post-tensioned with DYWIDAG Individual Anchorages type EV in the transverse direction. Since the beam cross section of the bridge is relatively low and the MA Anchorages are tightly placed side by side, no reinforcement helix could be used.For this purpose the GEWI® continuity reinforcement proved to be the optimum solution.

The first part of the bridge will open to traffic in August 2003. The commissioning of the complete bridge is scheduled for June 2004.


TSK Prague, Czech Republic

Main Contractor

JV Metrostav, SMP Construction, Prague, Czech Republic


VPU Prague, Czech Republic

DSI Units

SM 7 A.S. Prague, Czech Republic / JV DSI Salzburg, Austria and DSI Group HQ Operations, Munich, Germany

DSI Services

Supply of 200 t 19-0.6" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons with accessories as well as 850 m DYWIDAG Individual Anchorages type EV, 32 t GEWI® 16, 20, 25, 32 mm dia. with accessories; Technical assistance. 

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