DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System for new Landmark: The Elbe Bridge Schoenebeck

With a traffic volume of approx. 13,500 vehicles per day, the town center of Schoenebeck near Magdeburg is heavily congested. Work on the B 246a ring road was begun as early as 2004. The last section of this ring road to be built was a new crossing over the Elbe River near Schoenebeck.

The 1,128.5m long and 11.6m wide bridge has one lane per direction. The bridge consists of three sections – the 309m long southern approach bridge, the 489m long bridge across the river employing the stay cables and the 330.5m long northern approach bridge.

The superstructures of the approach bridges consist of single-webbed precast concrete T-beams that were erected in eight sections using the cantilever method with falsework. An asymmetric stay cable bridge featuring one pylon at the southern shore and a span of 185m had to be built for the bridge across the river.

This bridge section has a light, bonded superstructure consisting of a hermetically welded single-webbed steel composite section and a concrete roadway slab with a thickness of 30cm. It is balanced via the stay cables and the 73m high pylon with three post-tensioned concrete side sections. Thanks to the A-shaped pylon shafts, the high loads of the cantilever bridge section across the river can be distributed on a maximized foundation area.

The alignment of the stay cables is fan-shaped in two external planes. Per plane, nine cables are tensioned in the direction of the bridge section across the river, and nine are tied back to the lateral sections.

The section of the bridge that crosses the river was erected in ten stages with factory assembled steel elements using the cantilever method. Working from the sections of the bridge that had previously been finished, the stay cable pairs were installed and tensioned in each new section. Afterwards, the deck slab of the 18.5m long segments was cast. The next section was erected as soon as the concrete of the previous segment had cured.

Approximately 340t of DYWIDAG Strand Tendons were installed as prefabricated tendons with subsequent bond for the prestressed concrete superstructures. DSI will also supply a total of 36 Type DG-P 31, DG-P 37 and DG-P 55 DYNA Grip® Stay Cables as well as approximately 205t of strand. The strand used will be waxed and PE coated St 1570/1770 N/mm² strand consisting of seven galvanized, cold finished, smooth individual wires with a circular section. For monitoring stay cable forces, elastomagnetic DYNA Force® sensors will be mounted on six of the cables.

The town of Schoenebeck’s new landmark was completed in the summer of 2013.


Winner of the Structural Award 2014


Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt and city of Magdeburg, Germany

General contractor

Landesbetrieb Bau Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany


Joint Venture, consisting of Kirchner Holding GmbH and Donges SteelTec GmbH, both Germany

Planner/Technical Development

Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner Beratende Ingenieure VBI, GmbH, Germany

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, Post-Tensioning, Germany

DSI Scope

Supply of approximately 340 t of DYWIDAG Strand Tendons and of 36 Type DG-P 31, DG-P 37 and DG-P 55 DYNA Grip® Stay Cables; DYNA Force® Monitoring System

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