DSI supplies GEWI® Anchors for Ackermann Bridge Project in Augsburg

At 40,000 vehicles per day, the 50 year old Ackermann Bridge that crosses the Wertach River in Augsburg, Germany is one of the most heavily travelled bridges in the city. The structure was badly deteriorated and is therefore being replaced by a new bridge.

During construction, traffic is being diverted across a temporary bridge south of Ackermann Street.

The substructures of the temporary bridge were built using the sheet piling method. Approx. 5,000m² of sheet piles were installed in 2 abutments and 3 pile structures for this purpose. The piles are up to 15m long. The sheet pile structures are tied back using 80t of walers consisting of double U steel and 35t of 50mm Ø GEWI® Tie Rods.


City of Augsburg, Civil Construction Authority, Germany

General Contractor

Joint Venture, consisting of Kommanditgesellschaft Bauunternehmung Hermann Assner GmbH & Co. KG and R+D GmbH & Co. KG, both Germany


D&K Spezial Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


SSF Ingenieure AG, Germany


DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, BU Geotechnics, Germany


Production, supply


35t of 50mm Ø GEWI® Tie Rods

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