The Moervaart Canal: GEWI®Plus Anchors with specially developed Couplers ensure efficient Installation

The Moervaart Canal in Ghent, Belgium, is 22km long and connects the Durme River with the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal that leads into the North Sea near Terneuzen, Netherlands. In order to ensure a safe and efficient loading and unloading of ships in the Moervaart Canal in Ghent Harbor, the Ghent Port Company has decided to build a new quay wall in this area.

The new quay wall is built 2m in front of the existing, 30 year old, highly corroded wall. The new, 1km long quay wall is much deeper, allowing larger ships to pass on its widened fairway.

With the support of DSI's technical department, a coupler with a smaller diameter (85mm Ø instead of 102mm Ø) was designed for this project, which helped the contractor to reduce the diameter of the necessary sleeve pipe system and thus also of the drilling pipes.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Belgium was awarded the contract to produce and supply single corrosion protected, 57.5mm and 63.5mm Ø GEWI®Plus Anchors. The active anchors were installed in a sleeve pipe system to create a permanent anchor system and installed according to plan by the subcontractor De Brandt NV, Belgium.


Ghent Port Company Ltd., Belgium

General Contractor

Hye NV, Belgium


De Brandt NV, Belgium

Consulting Engineers

SBE NV, Belgium


DYWIDAG-Systems International N.V., Belgium, DYWIDAG-Systems International B.V., Netherlands


Production, supply, technical support


474 active 57.5mm Ø GEWI®Plus Anchors, 40 active 63.5mm Ø GEWI®Plus Anchors

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