The 2nd Suburb Beltway in Seoul: DYWIDAG Bar Anchors contribute to Traffic Relief

The highway network in the metropolitan area of Seoul, South Korea, is a radial network with Seoul at its center. It is connected to national roads and expressways in 5 large suburbs and satellite cities via the Seoul Beltway. In order to react to the rapidly growing population in the suburbs and the ensuing high traffic congestion, the construction of the 2nd Suburb Beltway has begun.

This beltway has a total length of 240km and is being built with 4-6 lanes that are divided into 23 construction sections. Construction started in 2013, and the beltway will completely open to the public by 2020. Once completed, Seoul will have a triple ring type road network: The Inside Seoul Beltway, the Suburb Beltway and the 2nd Suburb Beltway.

The Incheon-Gimpo section is expected to have a particularly positive influence on urban development and will relieve the existing road network from traffic congestion. This is where the Incheon Tunnel, a tunnel that passes underneath the city center, is located.

In this area, a slope had to be stabilized because of existing soft ground. For this purpose, permanent DYWIDAG Bar Anchors were installed after piles had been placed. The permanent bar anchors were installed in 2 layers, with anchor lengths varying from 12m to 25m depending on ground conditions. A total of 160 GR 950/1,050, 32 mm Ø DYWIDAG Bar Anchors were required for stabilizing the slope.


Incheon Gimpo Expressway Co., Ltd., Korea

General Contractor

POSCO Engineering & Construction., Ltd., Korea


Gyechon Construction Co., Ltd., Korea


Man Maek Engineering Co., Ltd., Korea

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems Korea Co. Ltd., Korea

DSI Scope


DYWIDAG Products

160 32 mm Ø, 12 - 25m long DYWIDAG Bar Anchors

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