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In 1979, DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) became an independent unit with the mission of distributing products for construction based on DYWIDAG patents. DSI engineers soon began to further develop this "inherited" know-how with their own innovative ideas, thus constantly improving the original systems and adding new ones to the portfolio.

DSI continuously monitors, amends, reviews, tests, and adapts its products and systems not only to meet new regulations and official approval requirements but also to enhance their characteristics and performance. DSI assigns high importance to its R&D activities in order to continuously provide top quality products and systems for solving its customers' problems. Approximately 100 employees in DSI’s organization are focused on R&D and engineering.

Regional Teams

Take care of local
market and specific
customer requirements

DSI Research & Development

Global Coordination

Enables the driving of innovation and
cross-pollination of know-how

External Cooperation

With universities and industry
associations secures strong networks


The consistent protection of developments through patents and utility models has been and remains a priority for DSI.

At the beginning of 2013, DSI held 56 basic patents in the Construction division and 35 basic patents in the Underground division.

DSI Group - Research & Development
DSI Group - Construction Patents
DSI Group - Underground Patents

Examples of recent R&D achievements

  • DSI was the first company to obtain a European approval for unbonded strand post-tensioning systems using monostrand.
  • The range of Bonded DYWIDAG and SUSPA-Systems Multistrand Tendons is the most comprehensive system of 1 to 37-0.62'' post-tensioning tendons and meets all requirements of design consultants and construction companies.
  • The DYWIDAG 55-0.5'' strand tendon system for prestressing nuclear power stations was successfully approved in accordance with KEPIC (Korea Electric Power Industry Code).
  • Superior Cryogenic Tendons: DSI's 19-0.6'' MA Multistrand tendons withstand temperatures down to -196°C in accordance with the latest guidelines for LNG tanks.
  • New DYWIDAG Bar Post-Tensioning System accommodates the new prestressing steel grade WR 950/1050 in accordance with the European prestressing level.
  • Development of a high performance stay cable damper system.
  • Extension of DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors size range.
  • Development of new Longwall Recovery Mat System using geogrid material with a special fabric.
  • Development of the revolutionary, simplified combination Bar and Cable Mine Roof Support Truss System. Fewer pieces are required to assemble and install the truss. The system simultaneously provides efficiency and higher safety for the operator.
DSI Group - Examples of recent R&D achievements


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