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February 2009

Acquisition of business from AGRHIMERC S.A.C., Peru and establishment of DSI Peru S.A.C.

DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) is pleased to announce that DSI acquired the business of AGRHIMERC S.A.C. on February 12th, 2009.


AGRHIMERC S.A.C., founded in 1997, is a well established producer of products such as split sets and rock reinforcement products for the mining markets.


AGRHIMERC S.A.C. is well-recognized among its clients for its high quality service to the Peruvian mining industries. The mid-sized company produces different types of rock bolts that can be flexibly adjusted to varying ground conditions. AGRHIMERC S.A.C has been a partner of long standing for important infrastructural projects in Peru and adjacent Latin American countries. Among other projects, the company will contribute to 13 major electric power stations.


All employees of AGRHIMERC S.A.C. have transferred to DSI Peru S.A.C.. DSI Peru S.A.C. was established specifically to acquire the AGRHIMERC business. It is headquartered in Lima, Peru. The company will contribute to DSI’s global product range and will be able to extend its service and customer support. DSI Peru’s staff will continue its dynamic growth of the past few years.  By introducing their newly developed forepoling systems to the underground operations, DSI Peru will take a leading position and will become one of the strongest suppliers in Peru.


Mr. Rafael Vizquerra Bellido,one of the former owners of AGRHIMERC S.A.C., will assume the position of General Manager. His market knowledge and experience of long standing do not only serve to motivate his team, but make him a valuable asset for DSI. The acquisition of AGRHIMERC S.A.C.’s business was a further strategic step and provides DSI Mining with a strong manufacturing and distribution base in Peru from which to service the expanding mining markets in Bolivia, Columbia and Ecuador.

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