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May 2012

Announcement regarding DSI's Board of Directors

We are pleased to confirm that the composition of the DSI Board of Directors is now complete, following the recent appointment of Mr. Michael Reich.


The Board now comprises:


Dr Hansgeorg Balthaus - Non-Executive
Mr Stephan Foerschle - Non-Executive (Triton)
Mr Bjorn Killmer - Chairman (Triton)
Mr Nick Moses - Group CFO
Mr Patrik Nolåker - Group CEO
Mr Michael Reich - Non-Executive
Mr Matthew Turner - Non-Executive (Chairman of the HR and Audit Committees)


Dr Balthaus and Mr Turner joined the Board last August after the Triton acquisition. Dr Balthaus is Senior Executive Vice President at Hochtief Solutions AG. Mr Turner was formerly International Head of Global Private Equity at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.


Mr Reich was appointed in April. He is Director of Reich Mining Services Australia and was formerly CEO of Minova.


Patrik Nolåker commented, “DSI now has a really strong Board to oversee its development in the coming years. The external Directors bring a wealth of very relevant industrial and professional experience, which blends extremely well with the perspectives provided by the Triton Board members.”

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