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June 2012

DSI acquires the rights of the JFP 95 Dust Suppressant for Reducing Dust Concentration in Mining

On June 6th 2012, DYWIDAG Systems International (DSI) acquired the rights of the JFP 95 Blue Anti-Static Dust Suppressant from WB Mining.


DSI has been distributing this product line for over 12 months with success and will now gain WB Mining’s direct customer sales in the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia.


The JFP 95 Blue Anti-Static Dust Suppressant marks DSI’s continuing expansion into chemical products for the Underground industry. DSI plans to use the existing distribution network that was established by WB Mining along with its own global sales network to market and sell the JFP product line worldwide.


Strategically, DSI is focused on providing customized special solutions in Mining. DSI’s entry into the JFP product line began as a client driven initiative to increase safety conditions for our Underground customers.


DSI’s Group CEO Patrik Nolåker commented: “This contract is in line with our strategy to continuously strengthen our mining business. We are committed to fully supporting the coal industry, and this represents another step into this direction.“

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