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August 2007

DSI consolidates business activities in Concrete Accessories sector

DSI as a supplier for construction industry in Post Tensioning and Geotechnical Systems is setting up a new division: Concrete accessories.
According to our mission “being a partner to our customers to help building and growing their businesses to highest levels”, DSI is now offering more technical know how and a wider ranging product line.


A portfolio of different international brands is providing service, best technical and commercial support worldwide.


Mandelli-Setra is a leading manufacturer and major supplier of accessories for the reinforced concrete. Each day, a team of more than 80 employees and sales engineers respond to the demands and needs of their customers.


Techique Béton, following the principle “Concrete made to order”, is DSI’s specialist for concrete admixtures, special mortars, waterproofing products, and Laroche® Products – the special mixture for concrete spacers.


Based in Gonesse, France, Artéon is the specialist of lifting tools for precast industry and of fixing elements for the construction industry. Artéon’s universal lifting system has been used for more than 25 years. It ensures that precast elements can be lifted quickly and safely.


Contec in Porta Westfalica, Germany is a manufacturer of sealing and formwork systems with a wide range of innovative solutions for all kinds of concrete structures. Contec products are known by the brand name of recostal®. They are designed by engineers who use the knowledge of more than 25 years of experience.


TUBUS, Portugal specializes in the supply of concrete accessories and equipment for the construction industry. The company’s product range includes formwork, form ties, scaffolding and concrete accessories.


The new Concrete Accessories division as another integral part of the company’s services to the construction industry has proved its value for DSI and its customers from the start. True to its slogan “Local Presence-Global Competence”, DSI is now able to deliver custom-made concrete accessories solutions around the world.


Furthermore, the expansion of DSI’s Construction division has generated synergies which will enable the group to focus even more on its R&D activities.

Thanks to the valuable expertise of our new specialists for Concrete Accessories, we now face the future as an even stronger partner for our customers.

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