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May 2013

DSI Underground completes Technology Acquisition for global Soft Rock Markets

DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) is pleased to announce the acquisition of patent pending surface control technology from Three Rivers Packaging Inc. in the USA. Three Rivers marketed and manufactured the Mine+Safe Rock Shield primarily for the USA Coal industry. DSI now holds the manufacturing assets and intellectual property for this popular secondary ground support product.

“Although this product is widely used in the USA, it is the intention of DSI to use its global footprint to manufacture, market and sell this product line in all regions of the world”, stated Alan Henderson, RCEO Underground Americas. Mr. Henderson also stated: “Mine+Safe surface control technology shows DSI commitment to bring high quality, technologically superior products to its global soft rock mining customers”.

Patrik Nolåker, Group CEO, commented: “This acquisition is in line with our strategy to broaden our product offering to the mining industry. We continue to actively invest in interesting technologies which can improve safety and productivity”.

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