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October 2009

Statement from DYWIDAG-Systems International (“The DSI Group”)

In South Africa, the DSI Group participates in a 50/50 joint venture, DYWIDAG-Systems International (Pty) Limited (“DSI SA”).


The DSI Group is aware of the announcement made by the South African Competition Commission on 30th September 2009 setting out its recommendations to the Competition Tribunal.


DSI SA has, along with all the other manufacturers in the mining bolt market, recently been the subject of an investigation into cartel activity in the South African mining bolt market. This follows on from an associated investigation into the activities of the wider steel industry in South Africa going back to the last decade.  DSI SA management has, with the full support of both shareholders, co-operated fully with the Competition Commission during its investigation.


If the recommendations of the Competition Commission are adopted by the Tribunal, any fine will be levied against DSI SA itself and will be based on a maximum of 10% of the annual turnover of DSI SA.


Alan Bate, Chairman and CEO of the DSI Group commented: “Under my leadership, the DSI Group has adopted a clear ethics policy. We are committed to operate in accordance with high moral and ethical standards that embrace and go beyond the laws of each country in which we operate. The management of all our fully owned subsidiaries are now held fully accountable for compliance. The Boards of management of all our associated and joint venture companies are aware of our policy and expected standards and are supportive of our strong position in this area.”


Alan Bate

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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