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September 2012

Statement from DYWIDAG-Systems International (“The DSI Group”) concerning DSI South Africa

In South Africa, the DSI Group participates in a 50/50 joint venture, DYWIDAG-Systems International (Pty) Limited (“DSI SA”).

The DSI Group is aware of the decision of the South African Competition Tribunal announced on 19 September to fine DSI SA R1.8m (€167,000) for limited breaches of Competition Law in South Africa which took place up to 2008. The Tribunal also dismissed various other allegations which had been made against DSI SA. DSI SA accepts the fine and will not be appealing the decision.

Patrik Nolåker, CEO of the DSI Group commented: “We are pleased to put this historic issue behind us. DSI SA co-operated fully with the South African Authorities during their investigation. The DSI Group has a clear ethics policy and is committed to operate in accordance with high moral and ethical standards and to comply with the laws in each country in which the Group operates. The Boards of directors and management of all our subsidiary, associated and joint venture companies (including DSI SA) are aware of our policies and expected standards and are fully supportive of our strong position in this area.”

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