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DYWIDAG Strand Tendons stabilize Lemah Ireng II Bridge along the Trans Java Toll Road -
The K.H. Noer Ali Fly-Over in Sumarecon - Bekasi: Efficient Infrastructures with DYWIDAG Tendons -
DYWIDAG Ductile Connector System stabilizes Cilacap Oil Refinery against Earthquakes -
Modern Tunnel Construction Method in Jakarta: The Cibubur Underpass -
LNG Production in Brunei: Cryogenic DYWIDAG Strand Tendons Stabilize new LNG Tank -
Large Scale Project for DYWIDAG Strand Tendons: Bogor Outer Ring Road -
Cryogenic DYWIDAG Strand Tendons for Queensland’s first Coal Seam Gas LNG Plant -
DYWIDAG Tendons Stabilize Pier Underpinning above Singapore’s new Downtown Line -
A new Type of Bridge using Butterfly Shaped Panels: The Terasako Choucho Bridge -
Permanent Road Connections in Steep Terrain: The Agematsu Bridge -
The Quellaveco Project: Copper Extraction in one of the World’s largest Mining Areas -
DSI Chile demonstrates Advantages of Resin Rock Bolt Systems in Chilean Copper Mine -
Replacement of Railway Bridges across the Waetern and Aller Rivers in Verden -
DYWIDAG Tendons stabilize modern PCT Girder Bridge in Incheon -
The Naluchi Bridge: Pakistan’s first Extradosed Bridge -
GEWI® Plus Piles secure Flood Basin for new High-Speed Line -
DYWIDAG Bar Anchors Secure Begin Highway in Jerusalem -
The Red Line in Tel Aviv: DYWIDAG Bar Anchors stabilize Tunnel Launching Shaft for Public Transportation System -
The Port Mann Bridge: Geotechnical and Post-Tensioning Systems for North America’s second largest Stay Cable Bridge -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons stabilize challenging Pier Footings for Motorway 73 in Quebec -
Hidroituango: DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars for Colombia’s largest Hydroelectric Power Plant -
The Nentilla Pressure Pipeline: Challenging Work on a Steep Slope -
DYNA Force® System Premiere on Frankfurt’s Opera Square -
Hammecke Bridge: Post-Tensioning Systems for incrementally launched Bridge in Germany -
Flood Control with GEWI® Plus Anchors: Driftwood Cable Barrier near Bruneck -
Quality from the very Beginning: DSI Peru supplies DYWIDAG Bar Tendons for Lima Metro -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars Secure the Future of Granary Island in Gdansk -
DYWI® Drill System stabilizes important Example of Mudéjar Art: Church of San Andrés, Zaragoza -
Relief for Noia: New Stay Cable Bridge ensures Summer Months without Traffic Jams -
DSI UK: The Full-Range Supplier for Slope Stabilization -
The Liberty University Tunnel: DYWIDAG Tendons for the USA’s first Jacked Box Tunnel -
Product Innovations at DSI Australia: The new Kinloc Bolt with 30t Load Bearing Capacity -
Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, West Jordan: Expansion to Underground Mining with DSI Products for Ground Support -
Laguna Bridge, Brazil: Precast Cantilever Elements Post-Tensioned using DYWIDAG Bar Tendons -
DSI Australia’s Product Range now also includes Injection Resins for Coal Mining -
DYWIDAG Anchor Systems secure third Berth in Hay Point Harbor, Australia -
DSI secures Supply of Ground Support to Ranger 3 Deeps Mine -
DSI Australia invests in increased Productivity -
SCL Hong Kong: DSI Austria supplies Ground Support Products for Modern Transportation System -
Ground Support Products by DSI stabilize Vienna’s longest Subway Line: U1 Southern Extension -
Construction of Germany’s second longest Motorway Tunnel: The Hirschhagen Tunnel -
The Albaufstieg: DSI supplies Tunneling Products for High Speed Rail Line -
Fault Zones in Borth Rock Salt Mine successfully stabilized -
High Quality Ground Support for difficult Terrain: Tunneling Projects along the A1 in Bosnia -
The Cassandra Mines in Greece: DSI’s Silicate Injection Foam Resins ensure safe Underground Mining -
The Obduro® AP Coated OMEGA-BOLT®: Load-bearing Capacity in highly acidic Environments -
Construction of the Desvio do Rio Joana Tunnel solves decades-long Flood Problem in Rio de Janeiro -
The Petropolis Tunnel: A Fast and Safe Connection with Rio de Janeiro -
Santiago de Chile Metro Expansion -
The ecological Alternative: Tunnel Excavation for the Cheves Hydroelectric Power Plant in Peru -
The Outer Circular Highway: Sri Lanka invests in the Future -
AEON Shopping Mall in Ho Chi Minh City stabilized using DYWIDAG Strand Tendons -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons stabilize Bridge in Northern Vietnam’s largest Housing Estate -
Tying back the Pardatschgrat Gondola Lift in Ischgl using Wire EX Post-Tensioning Tendons -
Closing the Gap between St. Poelten and Loosdorf: New High Performance Rail Line in the Danubian Corridor -
DSI supplies DYWIDAG Strand Anchors for Rail Freight Bypass Loosdorf, Austria -
The Montafon Ski Jump Center in Tschagguns: High Quality DYWIDAG Products for Skiing Records -
GEWI® Soil Nails with Fabric Tubes: Excellent Injection Results in Fractured Rock -
Repair of two Connecting Bridges from Villeneuve to Avignon with DYWIDAG Systems -
Ready for the Future with Products by DSI-Artéon: Rehabilitation of Paris-Orly Airport -
New Hybrid Tower Technology in Germany: Stability at great Heights with Wire EX Tendons -
Hybrid Tower Construction: Poelzig Wind Park near Gera -
Permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors stabilize modern A8 Motorway Routing near Remchingen -
Slope Stabilization with DYWIDAG Anchors in the Alpine Foothills -
Post-Tensioning Tendons for extraordinary Architecture: The “Ulmer Zentrum” -
Incremental Launching: The Danube Bridge near Untermarchtal -
The Filder Tunnel: GEWI® Soil Nails stabilize Portal of the longest Tunnel for Stuttgart 21 -
GEWI® Piles stabilize Sheet Pile Wall at Naval College Bremerhaven -
Extension of A 94 Motorway using DSI Quality Products: The Lappach Bridge -
250m long Wire Tendons strengthen A7 Stader Street Bridge in Hamburg -
The Future of Education: A new Campus for UAS Duesseldorf -
Testing, Inspection and Maintenance of Multistrand Cables using the Example of the Schoenebeck Bridge over the Elbe River -
Impressive Views: The new Gondola at Pointe Helbronner in the Mont Blanc Massif -
Luka Koper: GEWI® Plus Micropiles rehabilitate Slovenia’s only Harbor -
70m long DYWIDAG Strand Anchors stabilize new Quay Wall in Amazonehaven Rotterdam -
DYWIDAG Products for Bridge with Unique Design: De Oversteek, Nijmegen -
GEWI® Micropiles stabilize Excavation in Jaber Al Ahmad City, Kuwait -
The New Al Tameer Office Building, Kuwait: DYWIDAG Strand Tendons for one of the World’s largest Oil Producers -
The Crystal Tower: DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems for Kuwait’s new Landmark -
A Major Project for DSI: The Haramain High Speed Rail Project in Saudi Arabia -
DYWIDAG Soil Nails protect Railway Embankments against Landslides in Malawi -
Spectacular Use of DYWIDAG Systems: The Glacier Skywalk in Canada’s Jasper National Park -
The St. Croix Crossing: DYWIDAG Bar Reinforcement Saves Time and Money -
Wolf Creek Dam: Comprehensive Structural Repair prevents Dam Failure -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors prevent Settlements at a large Retail Center -
DYWIDAG Tie Rods create better Access: New Pier on Akutan -
The Wilshire Grand Center Hotel: DYWIDAG Products for a Football Field Sized Excavation -
Slope Stabilization Using DYWIDAG Strand Anchors at Sellwood Bridge in Oregon -
Expansion of Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital with DYWIDAG Systems -
The New Stanford Hospital: Foundations with DYWIDAG THREADBAR® Anchors -
Repair of the Androscoggin River Bridge in Maine -
DYWIDAG Bar Post-Tensioning Tendons for Elevated Train in São Paulo -
The Atlântica Wind Park: DSI supplies Wire EX Post-Tensioning Tendons for Brazil’s tallest Wind Towers -
Fast Construction Progress with DYWIDAG Construction Bars: Allianz Parque Stadium, São Paulo -
Slope Stabilization in difficult Terrain: Use of GEWI® Bar Anchors in Santiago de Chile -
The Presidente Ibáñez Bridge: DYWIDAG Bar Tendons Stabilize Chile’s longest Suspension Bridge -
Permanent GEWI® Anchors stabilize modern Power Plant in Incheon City -
DYWIDAG Tendons ensure Fast Construction Cycles: The Al Atoom Center in Jordan -
Higher Loads Thanks to External Tendons: Reinforcement of an Office Building in Alabama -
DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System for new Landmark: The Elbe Bridge Schoenebeck -
The Pummersdorf Tunnel: Closing a Gap in one of Austria’s most Important Railway Lines -
Structural Repair and Reinforcement of Post-Tensioned Precast Beams using DYWIDAG Tendons -
A Technical Challenge: Extraction of Palladium and Platinum at Bathopele Mine, South Africa -
GEWI® Post-Tensioning Bars stabilize a Monument of Soccer History: Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro -
DSI Chile contributes to the successful Development of a new Gold Mine -
New Lake Champlain Arch Bridge ensures efficient Transport Connection -
DSI supplies DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars for new Transportation Corridor in Western Canada -
DYWIDAG Bar Tendons Stabilize New Testing Laboratory in Canada -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons stabilize New High Speed Rail Line in Spain -
Seismic Stability with DYWIDAG Bars: The Haspelbaechel Viaduct in Lorraine -
Comfort and Design: The Marina d’Arechi -
Technique Béton supplies Quality Products for modern LNG Terminal in Dunkirk -
Long-term Use of DSI TenCate Recovery Mat System at the Springvale Underground Mine -
AT-Pipe Umbrella System Prevents Settlement: The MTR West Island Line -
DYWI® Seal Waterproofing System protects Torrent Embankment following a Landslide -
DSI supplies Tunneling Systems for the Construction of Goetschka and Freistadt Tunnels -
The Brenner Base Tunnel: ALWAG Systems for the World’s Second Longest Railway Tunnel -
Energy from the Mountains – the Reisseck II Pumped Storage Power Station in Carinthia -
Use of the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System for the Stabilization of Vijenac Tunnel -
Stable Power Supply in Croatia: DSI delivers Special Systems for Service Tunnel -
Stabilization using the AT – Pipe Umbrella System: The New Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel -
Fast Emergency Response: DSI DRILL TEK injects Wastewater System Shaft -
DSI DRILL TEK Ltd. Supplies Specialty Systems for the World’s northernmost Mine -
High Quality Marble from Slovenia: Safe Advance in Underground Mining with DSI -
DSI Supplies Special Products for Stabilizing a Gold Mine in Turkey -
First Use of Friction Bolts in Spanish Mines -
Large Scale Energy Generation with DSI Systems: Ingula Pumped Storage Complex -
Extension of Hong Kong’s Subway System using customized DYWIDAG Bar Anchors -
Balanced Cantilever Segmental Box Girder Construction in Indonesia: Elevated Highways for Jakarta -
The New Tomei Expressway - DYWIDAG Systems stabilize 31 New Bridge Structures -
Use of DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems in Confined Areas: The Nakano Viaduct -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons stabilize Sanagawa Bridge in Japan -
Repair of the Kriebstein Hydro Dam using 50m long DYWIDAG Strand Anchors -
Spectacular Views at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System ensures Modern Infrastructure in Sri Lanka -
Safe Journey with DSI: Construction of a Rock Fall Gallery on the Reschen Federal Road -
Reinforcement of an existing Retaining Wall at Lake Brennersee -
Tensioning for High Tension: DYNA Grip® Stay Cables stabilize Wind Power Station -
Berlin: Fast Construction Progress and Watertight Structures with contec® and recostal® -
Mastering Challenges: Construction of three Tanks at Moorburg Power Plant -
The Schlosshoefe Oldenburg: Post-Tensioning of Flat Slabs using Monostrand Tendons -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors stabilize New City District: The Milaneo in Stuttgart -
DSI supplies DYNA Grip® Stay Cables for new Waschmuehltal Bridge -
Environmental restoration using DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars: Schondelle Creek in North Rhine-Westphalia -
Cost-Efficiency and Fast Construction Progress: Ring Tendons Strengthen Silos near Ulm -
The Rethe Bridge: DYWIDAG Geotechnical Systems for Europe’s largest Bascule Bridge -
Summer Holidays without Traffic Jams: DYWIDAG Systems stabilize Autostrada Adriatica -
Efficient Uplift Control using GEWI® Piles at the Sluiskil Tunnel -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems and DYNA Grip® Stay Cables for Ewijk Cable Stayed Bridge -
First Contract for Launching an Incremental Bridge in Poland -
First Use of DYWIDAG Strand Anchors in Bukarest -
Chasing the World Record: New Ski Jump in Planica -
Reaching high with external Prefabricated Tendons: Wind Farms in Spain -
DYWIDAG Tendons ensure Efficient Construction Progress at Al Ahwar Complex -
DYWIDAG Ring Tendons stabilize Kuwait’s new Landmark -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems ensure Durability: The Veterans Memorial Bridge in Maine -
Efficient and Quick Repair with DSI: The Sam Jones Bridge in Indiana -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems stabilize Visitors Center Bridge in Ocean City -
Modernization of Newport International Terminal using DYWIDAG Systems -
Modern Methods allow Structural Repair of Dams -
Stable Special Solutions using DYWIDAG Form Ties: Miami Marlins Ballpark -
Faster Connections with DYWIDAG Systems: Metro Line 4 in Rio de Janeiro -
GEWI® Post-Tensioning Bars stabilize new Soccer Stadium in São Paulo -
Retaining Walls of Transbrasiliana Highway stabilized using DYWIDAG Bar Anchors -
DYWI® Drill Anchors Stabilize Spectacular Tunneling Project in Lima: Vía Parque Rímac -
New Dam ensures Energy supply in Venezuela: The Tocoma Dam -
Profitability through Innovation: Structural Repair of George N. Wade Memorial Bridge, USA -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Stabilize Italy’s longest Motorway -
Rehabilitation of a Dry Dock in France using DYWIDAG Systems -
Successful DYNA Grip® Fatigue Bending Tests -
DSI supplies Specialty Systems for Australia’s largest Infrastructure Project -
5.5km long Thirra Tunnel for the Albania-Kosovo Highway secured by DSI Systems -
GEWI® Plus Piles prevent Settlement during Power Plant Construction: Wilhelmshaven -
Metro Algier, Algeria -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars now produced in Pasching -
ALWAG Systems Stabilize Austria’s longest Railway Tunnel -
Successful Extension of Bosruck Tunnel in Austria -
Successful Technical Cooperation Leads to Supply Contract for Mining Products -
AT-Pipe Umbrella Support System allows safe Driving of Omis Tunnel -
The Jagdberg Tunnel: ALWAG Systems stabilize East-West Motorway Axis -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars and PANTEX Lattice Girders secure Driving of the Sten Tunnel -
Koza Gold Underground Mining Operations rely on high quality DSI Anchor Systems for Gold Mining -
Copper Mines in Turkey seismically secured by DSI products -
DSI South Africa strengthens Export Activities in Botswana and Zimbabwe -
DYWI® Polymer Rock Dust System enhances Safety and Productivity in Underground Mining -
Tunneling Systems and Machine Technology for Tysons Corner, Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project -
Tunneling Machines and Ground Support from a Single Source, Caldecott Tunnel -
Lake Mead Intake Tunnel No. 3 stabilized using DSI Rock Support Products -
Safe Deep Mining with DSI Products: Turquoise Ridge Mine -
Safety in Mining with DSI: Marlin Mine -
Gold Mine profits from DSI Products and Services: El Limon Mine -
ALWAG Systems Contribute to Chile’s Energy Supply -
GEWI® Piles for one of the World’s largest Mines in the South Pacific Region -
Uratakao Bridge: State of the Art Post-Tensioning for an Expressway Bridge -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons Stabilize Shishihara Viaduct No. 2 -
Environment Protection Thanks to Cantilevered Construction: The Matoba Viaduct in Japan -
DYNA Grip ® System for South Korea’s first Curved Stay Cable Bridge -
DYWIDAG Tendons Link new University Campus -
More Mobility and Safety with Utracon: Jurong East Modification Project -
Permanent DYWIDAG Anchors stabilize first Motorway Connection between Albania and Kosovo -
GEWI® Piles used for Important Train Connection from Munich to Verona -
DSI supplies Monostrand Post-Tensioning Systems for the World’s first Ultra High Performance Concrete Street Bridge -
Inspection of PZ Anchors in Bischofshofen -
GEWI® Plus Anchors and GEWI® Plus Piles stabilize Suspension Bridge in Soelden -
145m long DYWIDAG Strand Anchors stabilize Railroad Bridge in Dalaas -
Vienna’s new Central Station: DSI Austria contributes to Increased Mobility -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Stabilize Major Projects in Brussels -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons for Belgian Turbo Roundabout -
Slender Structure for Funder Bridge with DYWIDAG Systems -
The Kliplev Sønderborg Motorway: DSI contributes to Denmark’s first PPP Project -
DYNA Grip® System Stabilizes France’s first Movable Stadium Roof in Lille -
Technique Béton supplies Quality Products for new Soccer Stadium in Lille -
Attractive Center for UNESCO World Heritage Site: Quartier 17, Stralsund -
Accelerated Bridge Construction: Talbruecke Enzenstetten, Fuessen -
Internal Unbonded Longitudinal Post-Tensioning for the Kleine Laber River Bridge -
Repair of the Koehlbrand Bridge Stay Cable System -
Widening of the M1: Great Britain’s Largest Soil Nailing Project supplied by DSI -
Prefabricated DYWIDAG Tendons for busy highway interchange - Neufahrn -
GEWI® Piles ensure Skiing Pleasure on Germany's highest Mountain -
DSI stabilizes Talbruecke Bergen along the A8 Motorway to Salzburg -
GEWI® Plus Tie Bars Support Crucial Retaining Walls after Tunnel Collapse -
DSI stabilizes Sidehill Cut at Great Britain’s central Freight Terminal -
New Connecting Road in Sittingbourne enhances the Region’s Economic Development -
GEWI® Piles stabilize Important Motorway Connection in the Netherlands -
Rotterdam, Netherlands: DYWIDAG Strand Anchors stabilize Europe’s largest Harbor -
Westrandweg Motorway in Amsterdam Beats Records -
DYWIDAG Tendons facilitate Permanent Crossing of a Torrent in the Dolomites -
Monostrand Systems fulfill Special Requirements: Wodnik Hotel -
DSI Poland supplies Quality Systems for Pan-European Transport Corridor VI -
DSI supplies Strand Tendons for Poland’s largest Sugar Producer -
Prefabricated Tendons accelerate Construction Progress on Wroclaw’s new Ring Road -
Extending Europe’s Energy Supply: stabilize LNG Tanks -
DYNA Grip® Stay Cables carry new Landmark of the Andalusian Town of Albox -
New Stay Cable Bridges in Toledo Increase Mobility -
Underwater Post-Tensioning: Al Khalij Power Plant, Libya -
Abu Dhabi: Construction of a Bridge from Ras Ghomies to Gaga Island using DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors allow unobstructed Travel on Canada’s Highway 63 -
Fort Edmonton, Canada: First Cable Suspension Bridge stabilized using DYWIDAG Systems -
DSI supplies DYWIDAG Micropiles for new Wastewater Treatment Plant in Windsor, Canada -
DSI supplies GEWI® Tie Rods for Modern Harbor in the Dominican Republic -
DYNA Grip® Stay Cables relieve Junction in Aguascalientes, Mexico -
Permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors for Changuinola Dam, Panama -
DSI supplies DYWIDAG Tendons for USA’s largest Wind Technology Testing Center -
Repair of a Water Retention Vault in Chicago, IL, USA -
Memorial Wall at Ground Zero inaugurated September 11th 2011 -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors Stabilize Residential Area in the Central Coast Region of California -
Permanent DYWIDAG Anchors with DYNA Force® Sensors at new San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center® -
DYWIDAG Anchor Systems for Retaining Walls of the Sepulveda Pass, I-405 Project, Los Angeles -
Comprehensive Strengthening of Roanoke Rapids Dam using DYWIDAG Strand Anchors and DYNA Force® Sensors -
Olmos Dam Rehabilitation using Permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors, Texas -
DSI supplies Post-Tensioning Systems for one of the World’s longest Self-Anchored Pedestrian Suspension Bridges -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Secure tallest Hotel on Guam Island -
Permanent DYWIDAG Anchors Stabilize Tancredo Neves Airport -
DYWIDAG Bars stabilize Colombia’s first Concrete Arch Bridge -
DYWIDAG Tendons for Stay Cable Bridge in Peru -
Fast Connections in Lima: DYWIDAG Bar Tendons Stabilize Arch Bridge -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Bars Stabilize Brazil’s largest Hydroelectric Power Project -
Modern Lock Complex for Economic Growth: Tucuruí Lock, Brazil -
Unconventional Construction Methods for Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects in Japan -
DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons Stabilize Japan’s Longest Plate Stayed Bridge -
Fast Transportation from North to South: The New Kyushu Shinkansen High Speed Line in Japan -
Yabegawa Bridge: Japan’s Longest Cable-Stayed Prestressed Concrete Bridge -
Across the Country in Less than Three Hours: Kyongbu High Speed Railway, South Korea -
DYNA Bond® Stay Cable Bridge for Modern Korean Housing Development -
A Symbol for Democracy: The Asian Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Secure North-South Transport in Laos -
Modern Bridge for Modern District: The Marina Bayfront Bridge in Singapore -
Stabilization of Pier 70, A10 Tauern Motorway -
New DYNA Grip® Stay Cable Bridge in Austria -
Unobstructed Traffic from North to South: The Sarajevo Bypass -
GEWI® Plus Soil Nails Secure Bypass around the Spa Town Ax les Thermes in the French Pyrenees -
FLIMU System Convinces by Cost Effectiveness: Mittlerer Ring, Munich, Germany -
GEWI® Plus Piles stabilize one of the Largest Automobile Commercial Harbors in theWorld: Kaiserschleuse Bremerhaven -
Digesters in Dueren’s Sewage Plant Post-Tensioned using Prefabricated SUSPA Tendons -
Prefabricated DYWIDAG Tendons Secure Innovative ATS Hybrid Wind Tower -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors Stabilize Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Largest Road Construction Project -
A Major Project of International Importance: Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport -
DYWIDAG Form Ties and Accessories for Modern Coal-Burning Power Plant -
contec Systems for Environmental Protection: Fish Ladder at Mulde Barrier Lake, Germany -
Permanent Formwork for Sports Facilities, Wannsee, Germany -
Use of contec Systems for the Construction of KfH Kidney Center in Leipzig -
GEWI® Anchors Stabilize Vital Harbor Works on the British Channel Island of Alderney -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Micropiles Stabilize Collapsed Viaduct on one of Ireland’s Busiest Railway Lines -
New Stress Ribbon Bridge for Historical Spa in Tuscany -
GEWI® Tie Rods stabilize Sheet Pile Wall in Italy’s Third Largest Harbor -
An Exceptional Construction Project: The Wooden Arch Bridge in Sneek, Netherlands -
Innovative Solutions for Precast Concrete Viaducts with SPANBETON and DSI -
1,730 DYWIDAG Strand Anchors stabilize Slurry Wall at the New S8 Express Road in Poland -
DYWIDAG Systems secure longest Extradosed Bridge in Europe: POVAŽSKÁ BYSTRICA Bridge, Slovakia -
New Ways for Europe: Pan-European Corridor 5 -
Spain’s Most Important Engineering Company Relies on DYWIDAG Monostrand Post-Tensioning Systems -
Permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors Stabilize Slopes along the Way of St. James in Spain -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors for High Speed Train Routes in Spain -
DSI Supplies Permanent GEWI® Anchors for Oman’s First Suspension Bridge -
New Convention Center in Doha: DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Convince Owners -
Building Material City – Abu Dhabi’s Hub for the Construction Industry -
Abu Dhabi’s Shining Landmark: The Madinat Zayed Shopping & Gold Centre -
Al Reef Villas: Abu Dhabi’s New Central Housing Development -
New Pitt River Stay Cable Bridge in Canada Solves Long Term Traffic Congestion Problem -
New Landmark for World-Famous Western Event: Elbow River Bridge, Canada -
DYWIDAG Jacks Used for Launching of Athabasca River Bridge, Alberta, Canada -
DYWIDAG Micropiles secure Skyscraper in Philadelphia, USA -
Unrestricted Research thanks to modern Construction Methods: The Mansueto Library in Chicago -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Secure New Highlands-Sea Bright Bridge in New Jersey, USA -
New Rental Car Facility at Atlanta Airport Guarantees Mobility -
New Terminal at Atlanta Airport, USA -
Zero Void® Monostrand System Stabilizes Modern Transportation Hub at Miami Airport -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons Stabilize World’s Longest Stress-Ribbon Bridge in California -
A Way out of Isolation: The new Angeles Crest Bridge -
New Rental Car Facility at San Jose Airport Stabilized using DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems -
DYWIDAG Monostrand for a City within the City: Las Vegas CityCenter -
Larger Angles of Inclination than the Leaning Tower of Pisa: The Veer Towers in Las Vegas CityCenter -
Outstanding Living Comfort in Las Vegas’ new Center: Vdara Condo Hotel -
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Las Vegas Relies on High Quality DYWIDAG Monostrand Systems -
223,003m² of Post-Tensioned Flat Slabs using DYWIDAG Monostrand Systems - Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino -
Avoiding Traffic Jams with ALWAG Systems: New Tram Line in Linz -
ALWAG Systems for the M6 in Hungary -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars Stabilize Fault Zone of a Canadian Mine -
Safer Mining Follows Agreement on UWA Research -
User Friendly Development of the Con-Ten Stressing System for Stay Cables -
Construction of a New Import and Export Facility in Newcastle, NSW, Australia -
DSI Mining Canada optimizes Operations -
Technology meets Tradition: Extradosed Bridge in Japan -
Extradosed Bridge establishes new Landmark of South Osaka -
Busan, Korea: DYWIDAG Systems Stabilize one of the World’s Longest Immersed Tunnels -
Stable Infrastructures with DSI: Slope Stabilization in South Korea -
Large-scale Project finished in Nepal after 6 Years: Middle Marsyangdi Dam -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems used for Modern Ethylene Tank in Singapore -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Secure Sri Lanka’s Economic Development -
Special Foundations for the new Hungerburg Funicular Railway, Innsbruck, Austria -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems help connect Czech Republic and Germany -
DSI Supplies Comprehensive Scope of Products for Oparno Bridge -
Rock Face in Marseille Stabilized using GEWI® Rock Bolts -
DYNA Protect® – Novel Protection System for Stay Cables and Bracings -
Cantilever Construction facilitates Easy Travelling: the Tanaro Bridge in Italy -
Smooth Flow of Trade between Europe and the Far East with DYWIT -
Repair by Helicopter: the Dalvatnet Dam in Norway -
DSC Supplies Stay Cable Systems for Spain’s First Environmentally Friendly Bridge -
DYWIDAG Ductile Iron Piles used for the First Time in Spain -
More Living Space with DSI: Modern Housing Development in Madrid -
Record Spans with Prestressed Concrete in Turkey: DSI Group at Work on a Bridge Construction Project -
Demolition of Mossband Viaduct, Carlisle -
DSI connects: Bridge Construction in Bahrain Financial Harbour -
Longest Bridge in Africa Strengthened using GEWI® Bars -
Bridges in Africa constructed using DYWIDAG Strand Tendons -
Transportation Efficiency Improvements with Protendidos DYWIDAG: Extension of São Paulo Subway System -
New Stay Cable Bridge in the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo Improves Local Infrastructure -
DYWIDAG Bar Tendons stabilize Paraná Bridge -
Rapid Construction Progress in Vancouver with DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems -
Lightweight structures with DSI: Premiere for Post-Tensioning Systems in Calgary -
Oil Extraction using DSI Technology: Oilsands Project in Alberta, Canada -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems stabilize Bankers Court Project, Calgary -
Efficient Transit Link in Vancouver: Construction of the Canada Line with DSI -
DSI Monostrand System Prevents Loss of Material -
DYNA® Force Project: Retrofitting of Boundary Dam in Canada -
Innovative Roof Design for Modern Skating Oval in Canada with DYWIDAG Systems -
Large-scale Project in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor: DSI stabilizes Excavation at Inland Port -
DYNA® Force Load Monitoring Sensor for Strand Tieback Retaining Wall -
DYNA® Force - a Reliable Elasto-Magnetic Sensor for Force Measuring for Post-Tensioning Tendons and Anchors -
Soldier Pile Retaining Wall and Slope Slide Stabilization on Hwy 49, Near Auburn, California -
Unconventional Construction with DSI: Parking Structure serves as the Civic Center’s new Portal -
Slope Stabilization at Devil’s Slide: DSI protects Highway from Landslides -
Minneapolis’ I-35W Bridge over the Mississippi River Reconstruction within Record Time -
Redevelopment of Downtown Phoenix, Arizona with DSI USA -
DSI Supports Washington State Department of Transportation during the Construction of its Tallest Soil Nail Wall -
DSI USA Strengthens I-39/Kishwaukee River Bridge in Illinois -
Efficient Repair with DSI: Vacuum Grouting on the Jamestown Verrazano Bridge -
Faster Public Transport in Brisbane: DSI Supplies Systems for Bus Tunnel -
Supply of Special Products for Australia’s Longest Road Tunnel in Brisbane -
New Tunnel underneath Niagara Falls Built with DSI and ACI: Natural Wonder and Energy Source -
Short Cut with DSI: Construction of the San Cristóbal Tunnel in Santiago de Chile -
Travelling Faster with DSI: Gautrain High Speed Train -
Tunnel avoids Landslide: DSI supplies Quality Systems for By-Pass -
DSI Shaft Equipment -
DSI Australia Develops new Dynamic Bolt for Seismic Stability in Deep Mines -
Encapsulation Trial of Resin Cartridges in Mines -
More Coal with DSI: Extension of Cook Colliery in Australia -
Modern Gold Rush: DSI Australia supports Gold Producers with new Warehouse -
Underground Expansion of an Open Pit Mine using DSI Mining Products -
DSI Solves Water Inflow Problem at Campo Morado Mine -
Mexico: OMEGA-BOLT® Technology for Precious Metal Mine of International Standing -
DSI Team Effort Post-Tensions Two LNG Tanks in Freeport, TX, USA -
City of Los Angeles looks to DYNA Force® for long term monitoring of permanent DYWIDAG Multi-Strand anchors. -
Technique Béton Breaks new Ground: Innovative Fire Protection Mortar for Tunneling -
Technique Béton offers New Product Range for Passive Fire Protection -
First Utilization of GEWI® Piles in India -
DYWIDAG Post Tensioning Systems Used for Extra Thin Main Girder -
A Bridge Leading the Way into the Future: The Gajo Arch Bridge, South Korea -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems Secure LNG Tanks -
DYWIDAG Tendons Secure Viaduct in Singapore -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System Secures Bridge over Interchange in Singapore -
Highway Bridge in Sri Lanka Stabilized using DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System -
Cantilever Segmental Bridge Erected with DYWIDAG Form Travellers, Taiwan -
A Case for DYNA Grip®: Trois Bassins Bridge on La Réunion Island -
Slope Stabilization using Permanent DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors -
Stay Cable Bridge over the Ohre River in Karlovy Vary -
Prestressed Concrete Railway Bridge Constructed Using DYWIDAG Strand Tendons -
DYWIDAG Anchors Stabilize Construction Site in Marseille -
DYNA Grip® Stay Cable Systems Used for Stay Cable Bridge in Germany -
Comprehensive Strengthening of a 90 Year-old Quay Wall at a Kiel Canal Inland Port -
Development of a New Guard Rail System Using GEWI® Bars -
Olympic Ski Jump Garmisch-Partenkirchen -
Fabric Tubes by DSI Used for Bridge Foundation -
DYWIDAG T76S Hollow Bars Stabilise Limerick Casting Basin, Ireland -
DYWIDAG Bar Anchors used for Dam Project, Orgosolo, Sardinia -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems stabilize Vajont Bridge, Pordenone, Italy -
Seismic Retrofit of the S. Felice Bridge using the DYWIDAG THREADBAR® System -
Longest Viaduct in Lithuania Post-Tensioned with DYWIDAG Strand Tendons -
Efficient Residential Construction in Lithuania using DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons -
Swedish Wind Turbines Stabilized Using Strand Anchors -
Stabilisation of Approach Cuttings for Hindhead Tunnel with GEWI® Soil Nails -
Construction of the Merowe Dam in Northern Sudan -
Making Traveling Safer: Upgrading of the spectacular Sea-to-Sky Highway -
DYWIDAG Tendons Support Precast Segments for Stress Ribbon Concrete Bridges -
Freedom Tower, USA: A Building as a Symbol for Freedom -
New York Step-Street Stabilized Using GEWI® Rock Bolts -
Fast New York Pace Boosts Creative Construction Methods -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System Stabilizes Important Highway Bridge -
DYWIDAG Tieback Anchors Stabilize Retaining Wall at I-295 Interchange -
Precision Measuring Instrument for Precise Repair of Stay Cable Bridges, USA -
Active Dam Reinforcement with DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors -
DYWIDAG Strand Systems Stabilize new Highway Bridge near Chicago -
New Combination of Suspension and Cable-Stay Bridge with DSI Systems -
Difficult Excavation Stabilized Using Flexible DYWIDAG Geotechnical Systems -
Floor Slabs for Executive Aircraft Hangars Post-Tensioned Using GSI/DSI Monostrand Tendons -
Sandy Mississippi Bluffs Turned into Quai Wall Using DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors -
DYWIDAG Monostrand Repair Methods Save Parking Structure -
DYWIDAG Soil Nails Allow Construction of Commercial Buildings in Difficult Soil -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors Stabilize Railway Line in California -
Excavation Support and Post-Tensioning for a Parking Structure Using DYWIDAG Systems -
DYWIDAG Rock Anchors Protect Panama Canal against Landslides -
Tauern Tunnel’s Second Tube Completely Driven and Secured using DSI Tunnel Solution Systems -
Innovative Rock Support System for Squeezing Rock Mass Conditions -
Excavation of Large-Scale Caverns in Difficult Ground Conditions -
DSI Develops Geo Grid for Safe Longwall Relocation -
Fast Heading Development Through Innovative DSI Strand Anchors -
DSI Stabilizes Australia’s Mine of the Year -
DSI Provides High Quality Mining Products for Australian Exploration Adit -
DSI Preserves History: Stabilization of Historic State Coal Mine in Australia -
DSI – Leading Manufacturer of Underground Mining Products for Gold Mines in South Africa -
DSI Leading Provider for Platinum Mines in South Africa -
Development of Corrosion Protection for Omega Bolt® -
DSI’s Technical Expertise Needed for Re-Opening of Mexican Mine -
DYWIDAG Systems for US-American Base in Micronesia -
Efficiency with Technique Béton: Customized Products for Modern Condominium -
Customized Products by Technique Béton for Modern Housing Estate in Paris -
Technique Béton Accompanies French Institute for Sports into the Future -
“Concrete Accessories” for Overhead Noise Barrier on A 86 near Paris -
Special Technique Béton products for a new logistics center in France -
High Quality Products by Technique Béton for New Wastewater Treatment Plant -
Precast Factory Chazey-Bons: Successful with Customized Products from Technique Béton -
White Concrete Cladding for Hotel in Marseille, France -
Customized Products for Wastewater Treatment Plant -
Walker Road Canadian Pacific Railway - Temporary Railroad Diversion Structure in Windsor, Ontario -
Epoxy-Coated Strands post-tension Pedestrian Bridge in the new “Akihabara Crossfield” Complex in Tokyo -
DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons secure one of the largest Interstate Bridges in Hungary -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors secure "Electra" Building in San Diego -
The World’s first Use of a new Bridge Construction Method is in Japan -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System incorporated into Korea’s largest bridge construction project -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Tendons secure new Office Tower at Singapore’s Center -
Cable vibration dampers secure one of the largest stay cable bridges in Europe -
Excavation for the underground line from Ládvi to Letnany, Prague -
Successful Conversion of a Suspension Bridge into a Cable-Stayed Bridge -
GEWI® Tie Rods secure Sheet Piling for Quay Wall, Germany -
Jet grouting with DYWI® Drill Hollow Bolt Anchors on the Tuscan coast -
GEWI® Tendons reinforce roof structures -
Palau de las Arts Valencia -
Permanent GEWI® Anchors prevent uplift of new underground railroad station -
Installation of temporary DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors for slope stabilization in Slovenia -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Tendons stabilize university building in Beirut -
Use of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems in one of the world’s largest natural gas liquefaction plants -
Use of DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons for the construction of the first LNG Tanks in Yemen -
GEWI® Piles support new addition to University of Toronto Building -
World class testing facility built with DYWIDAG post-tensioning systems -
Lifting of Pier Templates for Stay Cable Bridge using Hydraulic DYWIDAG Lifting System -
Replacement of an existing bridge over the Ohio River between Ohio and West Virginia -
Interchange secured with DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems -
DYWIDAG Soil Nails stabilize excavation of the new Dallas Cowboy stadium -
New generation of stay-cable bridges incorporating DSI expertise -
Seismic retrofit of a historic city hall in California -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems secure bridge across the Otay River in San Diego County -
DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons secure flat slabs of luxury apartment building -
Use of DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons in the Venice of America -
Spectacular high-rise building in Miami Beach prestressed with DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons -
87 m long DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors secure new building area in California -
50-70 m long DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors tie down Gilboa Dam -
Flat Slab Post-Tensioning of High-Rise Building in Las Vegas using the DYWIDAG Monostrand System -
DYWIDAG Threadbars secure terrific view over the Grand Canyon -
DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors stabilize excavation in Philadelphia -
Construction of arch bridges in Peru -
Koralm Railway Tunnel, Exploratory Tunnel Paierdorf, Austria -
Reinforcement and Support Systems for Construction of Lainzer Tunnel in Vienna -
Extension of the underground line from Ládvi to Letnany in Prague -
New service tunnel extended using steel liner plates and innovative grout pumps supplied by DSI Underground -
Mining for oil -
DSI Australia assists with the expansion of PT Freeport Indonesia -
Corroded Mining Elements replaced with Double Corrosion Protected DSI Rock Bolts -
First-time delivery of DSI Australia mining products to Turkey -
DSI Australia supply ground support products to Kazakhstan -
First application of OMEGA Bolt®s in Australia -
DSI develops innovative Manx Bolt for the Beltana Coal Mine in New South Wales -
New Delivery Contracts for Coal Mines in the Appalachian Mountains -
DSI Fiberglass Rebars secure gold mine in Canada -
DSI Mining Products Secure Underground Observatory in Canada -
Cerro Vanguardia, Province Santa Cruz Argentina -
Winterbourne Railway Cut near Bristol -
New residential and retail complex in Tampa -
Construction of the first precast segmental bridge in Pennsylvania uses DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Tendons -
Hollow Bars stabilize motorway construction near Porth, South Wales -
Stabilization of slopes with a gradient of up to 60 degrees -
Slope stabilization using DYWI Drill Hollow Bars in Perth, Scotland -
Renovation of the Boeing 747 maintenance hangar -
Seismic Upgrade of a Football and Soccer Stadium -
DYWIDAG Ring Tendons increase Capacity of Digester Tanks -
20 Windmills reinforced with Micropiles, Texas -
Innovative solution using pre-grouted THREADBAR® in Australia -
High-rise Building Construction in Las Vegas using DYWIDAG Monostrand Systems -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Tendons installed in Bridges of a Traffic Interchange -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Tendons for a new Railroad Bridge on the Nambu Line -
World Record for Extradosed Bridge with Extradosed Cables in Japan -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems secure Railroad Bridges as Part of the High Speed Line from Brussels to Cologne -
Bridges on the new Motorway from Zagreb to Split employ DSI Know-how -
DYWIDAG Stay Cable and Prestressing Systems incorporated into a traffic and pipeline Bridge in Zagreb -
Bridge crossing the Úhlava River near Pilsen -
From Dresden to Prague for Breakfast -
DYNA Grip® Stay Cables for new Ziegelgraben Bridge -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons for Interstate Bridge over the Pipa River -
Record Pace Installation of DYNA Grip® Stay Cables for Bridge in Madeira -
DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons secure new Interstate Bridge across the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. -
Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge, Winnipeg, Manitoba -
First prestressed concrete wind generator in Japan -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems secure Archaeological Reconstruction of the Church of Our Lady in Dresden -
More than 1,000 t Post-Tensioning Systems installed in the Reppisch Valley Ventilation Center -
DYWI® Drill System secures Trough Structure for Railroad, Reno -
DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors tie down a Dam in Nepal -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Bars support Breakwater for the Jeju Port Extension Project -
DSI provides Wambo Mine with Roof Support Products, NSW, Australia -
New Delivery Contract for the Ashton Coal Mine in New South Wales, Australia -
First application of DCP-Bolts in America -
Cable Bolts used for Lead Recovery at Brushy Creek Mine, USA -
Application of Tekflex in the EKATI Diamond Mine at BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc.,Canada -
Open roads in the South of Vienna GEWI® Bars Anchor the Underwater Concrete Slab of the new Rannersdorf S1 Tunnel -
Valik Tunnel reinforced with DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors -
Rehabilitation Works during Construction of the Chienberg Tunnel, Sissach -
DYWIDAG Anchors secure new Subway Tunnel -
Construction of Cone Shaped Water Tanks using DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning and Reinforcement Systems secure Liquid Natural Gas Tanks in Sagunto -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems strengthen Çumra Sugar Silo in the Konya Province -
DYWIDAG Technology is incorporated into Jordan's largest Wastewater Treatment Plant -
Use of DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons for the Construction of a LNG tank in the Caribbean -
Use of DYWIDAG Bar Anchors for the Construction of an additional Overflow Spillway at Soyang Dam -
Brenner Expressway - Slope Protection using Double Corrosion Protected GEWI ® Soil Nails -
Double Corrosion Protected DYWIDAG Bar Anchors secure Expressway Link to the Harbor in Trieste -
Double Corrosion Protected DYWIDAG Bar Anchors secure Local Ring Road -
Permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors Stabilize Slope for Road Construction Project -
DYWIDAG Triple Corrosion Protection Threadbars anchor Landfill Retaining Wall -
First Use of DYWlDAG Ductile Iron Piles -
First projects with DYWIDAG Ductile Iron Piles in Ireland -
New Stressing Technologies used for the Construction of the Mura Bridge, Slovenia -
Viaduc de Millau: Technically Challenging Bridge Reached Record Breaking Height -
Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit using DYWIDAG Geotechnical Post-Tensioning Systems -
Repair of the Trent Street Bridge, Spokane, Washington, USA -
DSI Repair and Strengthening Business Unit inspects and evaluates post-tensioned structures in the USA -
GEWI® Piles stabilize Tip Top Tailors building, Canada -
Santan Freeway Project uses DSI Multistrand MA System -
Temporary DYWIDAG Suspension Cables secure Construction of the Krka Arch-Bridge, Croatia -
First use of electrically isolated permanent strand anchors in Portugal secure a stay cable bridge -
DSI equipment and systems offer optimal solution for limited headroom conditions -
DYWIDAG Systems for High Speed Railway, Netherlands -
DYWIDAG Bar and Strand Tendons for the High Speed Railway Line from Milan to Bologna, Italy -
New Victory Bridge sets US record for span of precast concrete girders -
New 17th Street Causeway Bridge post-tensioned with DYWIDAG Systems -
Post-Tensioning of Pacific Avenue Overcrossing with DSI Multistrand MA System -
A remarkable new arch bridge connects the islands of Kashirajima and Kakuijima -
First prestressed composite railway bridge in Japan with steel pipe truss webs -
Assembly of the Kosická Steel Arch Bridge -
DYWIDAG Threadbars stabilize ATOM temporary bridge in Korea -
Span by Span Precast Segmental Construction with DYWIDAG THREADBAR® and DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Strand Systems in Singapore -
The world's first extradosed bridge with corrugated steel webs -
New Suspension Bridge spans McKenzie River -
Tobiuo Bridge, Japan -
Photovoltaic Pergola anchored with DYWIDAG Bars -
Pre-assembled post-tensioning tendons secure the world largest wind turbine, Germany -
DYWIDAG anchor systems contribute to renewable energy production -
Irving Tissue Weston road plant upgrade; Canada -
DCP Bar Anchors secure stage foundations of the Teatro alla Scala -
DSI Permanent Soil Nails stabilize excavation of the new Stanley Hall -
DYWIDAG Double Corrosion Protected Strand Anchors secure Loch Raven Dam -
Colwood Refuelling Facility Upgrade -
DYWIDAG THREADBAR ®s secure Grand-Mère Generating Station -
Rehabilitation works on the Muldenberg Dam using 19 permanent DYWIDAG Rock Anchors -
DYWI® Drill Anchors secure Eichelberg Tunnel -
Dublin Port Tunnel -
Construction of the Augustaburg Tunnel on the new Nuremberg-Berlin High-Speed Railway Line -
Construction of Egg Shaped Digester Tanks with DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning and SK4 Formwork System -
Use of DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons for the Construction of LNG Tanks at the Arctic Circle, Norway -
DSI Permanent Tiebacks and Soil Nails secure 510m retaining wall along Highway 101 -
DYWI® Drill Anchor Soil Nails - The preferred solution for stabilisation of Railway Embankments -
Permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors and Hollow Bolt Anchors secure rockfall in Austria -
Intersection of three freeways secured using DYWIDAG Permanent Soil Nails -
DYWIDAG Permanent Multistrand Ties for the new Wembley Stadium -
First Application of DSI DCP Bolt for Parramatta Rail Link Tunnel in NSW, Australia -
Construction of eight viaducts for Croatian motorway project -
Motorway bridge constructed using the free cantilever method -
Lahovice Bridge post-tensioned with DYWIDAG Strand Tendons -
Rhine Crossing at Ilverich -
435 t of DYWIDAG Prestressing Steel strengthen the Bridge Marienbrücke in Dresden -
First use of the DYWIDAG MC Strand Post-Tensioning System for external tendons in Germany -
DYWIDAG Solutions for Krystallopigi Bridge in Greece -
New stay cable bridge crosses the river Ijssel -
DSI Post-Tensioning Loop Tendon resolves contractor's one-end access dilemma -
Koinumarukawa and Shimoda Bridge in Japan -
Matakina Bridge, another extradosed bridge in Japan -
Two motorway bridges over the estuaries of the rivers Ibi and Kiso, Japan -
Mawon 2nd Bridge post-tensioned using DYWIDAG Technology -
Cantilever segmental bridges built using DYWIDAG Formtravellers, Taiwan -
213 t of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System for bridges in Muscat -
DYWIDAG Systems used for expansion of the Madrid-Barajas Airport -
North America's first urban wind turbine produces power for Toronto's grid -
DYWIDAG Permanent Strand Anchors for seismic upgrade of an apartment building in Peru -
State-of-the-art Las Vegas Monorail™ will carry 19 million passengers in its first year -
The Paramount Building - A 39-story high record in Downtown San Francisco -
DYWIDAG GEWI® Piles stabilize major Scottish railway realignment -
DYWIDAG Technology secures the retaining wall of an important parking structure in Los Angeles -
DYWIDAG Fiberglass Soil Nails proved to be the best solution for Harbor Landing excavation -
DYWIDAG Systems to rebuild cruise ship pier -
DYWIDAG Anchors prove to be best solution for dam upgrades -
Improved safety with DYWIDAG Trusses -
New Longwall Mesh Mat Recovery System for Springvale Mine -
First application of OMEGA-BOLT® for Mato Forte Tunnel -
Shoring for reconstruction of Little Mountain Reservoir using DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars -
Seven Mile Dam - Successful completion of test anchor program with 90-0.6" anchors, length 98 m -
International DSI team effort post-tensions an LNG Tank in Puerto Rico -
DYWIDAG Technology for LNG Tanks in South Korea -
Use of light weight carbon fiber reinforced hollow core cylinders for the stressing of permanent anchors -
DYWIDAG Permanent Strand Anchors secure residential area in Portugal -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars used to stabilize a steep cutting on the UK's first toll road -
Use of DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars to upgrade centennial bridge foundation -
DYWIDAG Permanent Anchors for the Crockett Interchange Project -
64 m long DYWIDAG Permanent Strand Anchors secure Retention Reservoir -
Extraordinary application of DYWIDAG Form Ties -
DYWIDAG Bars to restore the French inheritance -
Use of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems in world’s largest BOT project in Taiwan -
Vacuum Grouting successfully introduced as a new standard in the USA -
DSI contributes to seismic retrofit for damaged 7-story laboratory building -
Technical triumph for one of the most significant stay cable bridges in Europe -
Use of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems in the Brezno - Chomutov railway bridge -
Traffic relief for the Old Town of Chomutov, Czech Republic -
DYNA Bond® Stay Cable System for Lipon Bridge, Finland -
DSI Technology for longest cable-stayed bridge in Georgia, USA -
First use of DYNA Bond® Stay Cable System in Germany -
Cantilever segmental bridges prestressed with DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems -
DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System for the Zevenaar Bridge -
DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning System successfully used in Russia -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System for repairs and improvements to a bridge deck -
Economical solution for bridge design in Peru -
Maumee stay cable bridge breaks world record -
Wacker Drive Viaduct Reconstruction with DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System, Chicago, USA -
Bridges built for the future - Sixth Street Bridges, Milwaukee, USA -
New 411 m long extradosed stay cable bridge in the Republic of Palau -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems for Westcoast Highway Project in Taiwan -
The Nelson Mandela Bridge - A new landmark for Johannesburg -
Bridge to the King Fahd International Airport Dammam post-tensioned using the DYWIDAG Multistrand System -
Use of DYWIDAG Technology for bridge construction in Tel Aviv, Israel -
DYWIDAG Anchors prevent uplift of new Copenhagen Opera -
Post-Tower post-tensioned with DYWIDAG Strand Tendons -
Innovative concept for the construction of an office building in Calgary, Canada -
Shotcrete excavation wall secured with DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars -
DYWIDAG Permanent Strand Anchors for seismic upgrade of a quay wall -
DSI Ground Support Safety-Wraps Limestone Pillars -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars secure tunnel for ICE high speed railway -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars secure Greece's Egnatia freeway project -
DYWIDAG Systems support the greatest tunneling site on earth -
DYWIDAG Permanent Single Bar Anchors secure new electronuclear accelerator -
Innovative solution using DYWIDAG Rock Bolts for cavern construction in India -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors tie down dams in Texas, USA -
GEWI® Piles for foundation upgrade in Aluminum Smelter -
Construction of six prestressed concrete silos in Qena, Egypt -
GEWI® Steel Soil Nails stabilize slopes on the Rock of Gibraltar -
Use of DYWIDAG Permanent Single Bar Anchors with double corrosion protection for slope stabilization -
Retaining walls at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport secured with DYWIDAG Soil Nails -
First South Korea application of DYWIDAG Pre-Grouted Anchor System to prevent slide -
DYWIDAG-Technology provides additional seismic event stability for Terminal Building -
Use of DYWIDAG Permanent Strand Anchors on permafrost - Grossglockner in the Austrian Alps -
Use of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems for bridge construction in Slovenia -
New passenger transport system at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA -
DYWIDAG-Technology gets you there faster -
The Yssel sea crossing -
DYNA Grip® Stay Cables help span the Paraná River -
Innovative Stress-Ribbon Bridge -
Suspending elegance with DYNA Bond® Cables -
Improved seismic capacity for a smoother ride -
Japan's longest bridge built with extradosed DYWIDAG external tendons -
Innovative solution using restressable tie backs -
Built for peace -
1,400 Tonnes GEWI® Bars used to safely store nuclear waste -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning for Elevated Guideway -
DDC® provides seismic safety for Academy Awards® Ceremonies -
34 story tall office tower post-tensioned with DYWIDAG bonded tendons -
The New Garden of Eden built with DYWIDAG Rock Bolts and Ground Anchors -
Deep excavation retaining wall supported by double corrosion protected anchors -
17,000 m DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars deep beneath Downtown London -
DYWIDAG Rock Anchors resist uplift -
Retrofit with DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons for Hydroelectric Power Station -
DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons for clinker silos -
Seismic safety with Double Corrosion Protected Strand Anchors -
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar meets new geological and geotechnical challenges -
Roller mill base frame anchored with High Strength Bars -
Traffic relief for Prague’s Old Town -
Successful roll-out of new Zero-Void® Monostrand System in Canada -
Post-Tensioned bridge connects Hungary and Slovenia -
Highway bridges in the Czech Republic -
Stay cable bridge, Mondeville, France -
DYWIDAG external post-tensioning for Portugal's second longest bridge - Santarém-Bridge -
Komati River Bridge, Swaziland, South Africa -
New Construction of North LB Bank, Hannover, Germany -
DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons for Sands Hotel & Casino Parking Structure, Las Vegas, USA -
DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons for Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA -
DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons for Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA -
DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons for Caesars' Palace Spa Tower, Las Vegas, USA -
DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons for Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA -
Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA -
Excavation of parking garage in Giggijoch, Soelden, Austria -
Parking garage expansion, Wasserburg at River Inn, Germany -
Rock of Gibraltar secured with DYWIDAG anchors - Slope stabilization Gibraltar, British Crown Colony -
DYWIDAG Single Bar Tendons secure underground powerstation -
DB German Rail, New track project Cologne - Rhein/Main Section MITTE, Subsection B, Germany -
Construction of LNG tanks, Qalhat / Oman -
DYWIDAG Strand Anchors secure one of the largest French geotechnical construction sites -
Construction of an escalator, Toledo, Spain -
Double corrosion protected DYWIDAG bar anchors secure a new highway in Trabzon -
Via Estoril slope stabilization, Laguna Niguel, California, USA -
DYWIDAG-Technology strengthens a railway bridge under traffic -
A-LAXE Shopping Center in the harbor of Vigo, Galicia, Spain -
DYWIDAG external tendons for segmental bridge projects along the East Coast of the United States -
DYWIDAG external tendons for segmental bridge projects along the East Coast of the United States -
DYWIDAG external tendons for segmental bridge projects along the East Coast of the United States -
DYWIDAG external tendons for segmental bridge projects along the East Coast of the United States -
DYWIDAG external tendons for segmental bridge projects along the East Coast of the United States -
DYWIDAG external tendons for segmental bridge projects along the East Coast of the United States -
DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons for Sands Venetian Hotel & Casino Tower, Las Vegas, USA -
The Egerbridge Doksany in the Czech Republic relies on DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning -
The Veccio Bridge: World's first Combination of Free Cantilever Construction with external DYWIDAG Strand Tendons -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning used for signature Arch bridge: The Elbe Bridge Pirna -
The Lower Screwtail Bridge: Arizona's first Cast-In-Place Segmental Bridge -
Record breaking 185 m main span with newly developed DYWIDAG post-tensioning system -
DYWIDAG Ring Tendons for Tunnel in World's largest Dam Project: The Xiaolangdi Dam -
DYWIDAG Extruded Couplers for the Kingdom Centre Project in Riyadh -
Yacht Marina Breakwater with double corrosion protected DYWIDAG Bar Anchors -
The Øresund Link: Millennium Connection between Sweden and Denmark made possible with DYWIDAG Technology -
Digester Tanks Dinslaken, Germany -
The Krungthep Bridge: Free Cantilever Method with DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System -
Elevated interchange structure with curved post-tensioned precast girders -
Admiral Clarey Bridge, Pearl Harbor -
Kaleidoscope Lifestyle Entertainment Center -
BMW Italia Leasing SpA -
Vincent Thomas Bridge, Long Beach -
Parc Eolien Le Nordais, Cap-Chat and Matane -
Reconstruction of Guelph Line, Lowville -
DYWIDAG bond socket stay cables for an outstanding project -
DYWIDAG Bond Socket Stay Cables support Cairo's 6th October Bridge -
GEWI® Piles secure Lehrte Transit Station against Uplift -
GEWI® System solves Reinforcment Problems at Experimental Reactor FRM II in Garching, Germany -
Uplift Control using GEWI® Piles in Hall, Tyrol, Austria -
DYWIDAG Strand Tendons upgrade historic Royal Dockyards at Rosyth and Devonport -
DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning joins Precast Prestressed Segments: Floating Wave Attenuator for Flushing Bay -
Seven Oaks Dam and Appurtenances, San Bernardino, CA, USA -
Stayed Girder Bridge across the River Inn -
New York-New York Hotel and Casino -
Eastern Transportation Corridor -
New Control Tower for the Barajas Airport in Madrid -
Gare do Oriente, Lisbon -
Pereira Dosquebradas Bridge -
DSI supplies special Geotechnical Products for Business and Residential Buildings Christiansbro -
Concrete Dam, Theun Hinboun Power Project -
Chung-Gye Viaduct, Seoul, South Korea -
Gralex Quay Wall, Kruibeke, Belgium -
A mega projects benefits from the GEWI® threadbar reinforcing steel splicing system -
Milano Fair New Exhibition Buildings -
Olmsted Lock and Dam, Ohio River -
Athens Metro, Larissis Subway Station -
Sedlicky Potok Bridge strengthened without interrupting Traffic using DYWIDAG External Multistrand Tendons -
DYWIDAG Systems and Know-How in Eastern Europe: The Maslenica Bridge -
DYWIDAG Systems strengthen Hasan Brkic Bridge in Mostar -
Canada’s first incrementally launched Concrete Bridge: The Stoney Trail Bow River Bridge -
GEWI® Piles: Cost effective cast-in-place Foundation for Big Qualicum River Bridge -
Hong Kong: Tin Kau Bridge and approach viaducts -
The Wiltern Center Parking Structure - First Application of the DYWIDAG Ductile Connector System (DDC) in California -
Large shoring project in North America using DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars: The Concord Pacific Development in False Creek -
Unique Tie Back Solution for Quay Wall with DYWIDAG strand tendons: The Antwerp North Sea Container Terminal -
First GEWI® pile application in Denmark: Retaining Tank in Copenhagen -
Ormara Seaport: DYWIDAG Tie Rods stabilize Landing Dock -
DYWIDAG Rock Bolts secure Tunnel for Mölltaler Glacier Express -
DYWIDAG Rock Bolts in California's largest Water Project: The Eastside Reservoir -
Various applications of DYWIDAG post-tensioning technology for prestressed concrete tank structures -
Restressable DYWIDAG multistrand anchors for Bad Schallerbach Rehabilitation Centre -
Landmark building is launched to new location with DYWIDAG Bar Tendons: The Emperor's Ballroom in Berlin -
Innovative external DYWIDAG tendons in a highly congested box girder: The Scardon Viaduct -
DYWIDAG post-tensioning technology for prestressed concrete: The Bayport Aeration Tank -
DSI Taiwan “does it all” for incrementally launched Bridge - The CKS Interchange -
The Crown Water Works Reservoir: DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Technology for prestressed Structures -
Pinklao Elevated Bridge -
Ramindra at Narong Expressway -
DYWIDAG strand post-tensioning in demanding alpine conditions: The Montbardon Viaduct -
Tunnel Segments joined with DYWIDAG Strand Tendons: The Øresund Crossing -
DYWIDAG Bar Post-Tensioning allows special high-rise Construction: Debis Office Building C2/C3 -
GEWI® THREADBAR® as seismic Upgrade: The Californian I-280 Retrofit Project -
Efficient Strengthening through innovative Post-Tensioning: The Kirkeler Bridge -
Rehabilitation with epoxy coated DYWIDAG Strand Anchors: The Railroad Canyon Dam -
Special Strand Anchor Installation by DSI Canada: The Macal/Mollejon Dam Upgrade -
Seismic retrofitting with DYWIDAG THREADBAR® post-tensioning: The Stanford University -
GEWI® piles support Bowon Office Building in Seoul -
Bond socket - here to stay! -
DYWIDAG monostrands for visionary architecture -
Spain's most modern architecture challenges creativity of DSI engineers -
Barrier cable for parking structures -
Berlin's Foundation Engineering Projects -
Historic fort straddles modern cavern development -
HAP Cremean Water Plant Clearwell Expansion, Columbus, Ohio, USA -
Biggest sideways bridge slide in the world -
DYWIDAG strand anchors installed in an impressive excavation project -
Safe storage with DYWIDAG LNG technology -
On the historic silk road -
At the limits of free cantilevering -
Extensive DYWIDAG systems technology for the largest environmental protection project in Austria -


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