GEWI® Soil Nails with Fabric Tubes: Excellent Injection Results in Fractured Rock

In December 2013, a new, 5.2km long bypass was opened around the town of Bédarieux near Montpellier in southern France. The new road not only relieves the town of freight traffic, but also improves the connection to the A 75 motorway running north to Clermont Ferrand and south to Béziers.

In the western section, it was necessary to construct several soil nail stabilized retaining walls in order to properly build the road. The section is located in a fault zone between the Pyrenees and the Alps. Consequently, geological conditions are mainly predominated by calciferous dolomite with karst zones. Due to the unstable geological conditions, a retaining wall that was originally designed to have a height of 8m had to be increased to a height of 22m during construction work.

In order to prevent the loss of large volumes of cement mortar in the highly fractured rock while still obtaining good injection results, some of the GEWI® Soil Nails were encased in elastic fabric tubes following drilling operations.

In total, DSI France supplied 7,500m of GEWI® Soil Nails in diameters of 28, 32 and 40mm with matching fabric tubes.


General Council of the Département of Hérault, France


Entreprise Buesa Frères S.A.S., France

Engineering retaining walls

Fondasol SA, France

DSI Unit

DSI France SAS, France

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Production, supply

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7,500m of GEWI® Soil Nails, Ø 28, 32 and 40mm with fabric tubes

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