The Carré Haussmann: Technique Béton supplies Chemical Products and Spacers for modern Office Block

Due to its proximity to Charles de Gaulle Airport and due to the good traffic connections to the French capital, Marne-la-Vallée, which is located east of Paris, is a popular business location.

At this location, several new buildings are being constructed near Disneyland Paris: The Carré Haussmann. The construction project consists of 4 buildings that will offer modern offices on an area of 32,000m².

For formwork setting, Technique Béton supplied magnetized and non-magnetized Laroche® Spacers and Concrete Cones in sizes of 20, 25 and 30cm and SUFA Laroche® Concrete Spacers in sizes 40/50 and 30mm.

Furthermore, to ensure that the high quality concrete facades of the new buildings were achieved, Biodem® SI1 was used as a mould release agent. The vegetable based Biodem® SI1 was used together with the finishing coat mortar Finimur®.


Carré Haussmann Promotion, France

General Contractor

Harribey Constructions, France


Agence 4A (Atelier Aquitain d’Architectes Associés), France

DSI Unit

Technique Béton, France

Technique Béton Scope

Production, supply

Technique Béton Products

Finishing coat mortar Finimur®, mould release agent Biodem® SI1, Laroche® concrete Spacers and Cones

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