DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Soil Nails for efficient Slope Stabilization: The Chilina Bridge

Arequipa, the economic and political center of southern Peru, now features one of the longest bridges in the country: The 562m long Chilina Bridge.

As approx. 80% of the heavy goods vehicle traffic now bypasses the city, the center of Arequipa is considerably relieved from traffic by the new bridge.

The project also includes two access roads. The northern road provides access to the bridge from Avenida Chilina via a 60m long tunnel that was built using the open cut method.

The construction of the tunnel also required a slope stabilization of the lateral precut. DSI Peru supplied more than 1,600m of R32-360 DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Soil  Nails in individual lengths of up to 6m that were installed in layers. Following the soil nail installation, reinforcing steel mesh was applied, and the soil face was further stabilized by a layer of shotcrete.


Regional Administration of Arequipa, Peru

General Contractor

Consorcio Constructor Puente Chilina, consisting of Metric Engineering Group Peru S.A.C., Corsán Corviam Construcción S.A. and Incot SAC Contratistas Generales, all of them Peru




DSI-DYWIDAG Construcción Peru S.A.C., Peru


Supply, technical support


1,600m of R32-360 DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Soil Nails

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