Precision Work with DYWIDAG Systems: Lifting a new Span for the Ayrosa Galvão Bridge

The Ayrosa Galvão railroad bridge crosses the river Tietê in the town of Pederneiras in the federal state of São Paulo, Brazil. Since traffic volume on the river has significantly increased over the last few years, the free span of the railway bridge had to be enlarged in order to support the new traffic volume and also to permit larger ships to pass under the bridge.

For this purpose, the existing free span was imploded and replaced by a new 1,400t steel truss girder structure. This new structure was erected next to the bridge and then lifted into its new position. In order to comply with an imposed time limit of 16 hours for the work, the new steel structure was lifted into its new position using 8 simultaneously acting Type MPR 320 Jacks, supplied by DSI Prepron. For the displacement of the new span, DSI Prepron also supplied special rollers, Type MPR 200 Jacks and 32mm Ø, St 95/105 DYWIDAG Bar Tendons. Furthermore, the company provided all the technical service on site.


DNIT - Departamento Nacional de Infraestrutura de Transportes, Brazil

General Contractor

TIISA/ ETC/ DP BARROS Joint Venture, Brazil


RMG Engenharia, Brazil


DSI Prepron, Brazil


Engineering services, technical support, supervision


32mm Ø DYWIDAG Bar Tendons, 8 Type MPR 320 Jacks, Type MPR 200 Jacks

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