Construction of an efficient Transportation Hub using DYWIDAG Strand Tendons: The Driebergen-Zeist Station

Currently, the Driebergen-Zeist Station is being built east of Utrecht in the Netherlands. This project includes a new station as well as a bus terminal and a parking garage.

Furthermore, the main road is being relocated into an underpass underneath the railway tracks in order to eliminate bottlenecks at the existing grade crossing, and the tracks of the through station are being widened for passing trains.

Two 134m and 120m long bridge structures had to be built for the underpass. Once completed, the bridge decks were shifted into their final position by approx. 150m forward and 25m laterally.

DYWIDAG-Systems International B.V. Netherlands supplied the Post-Tensioning Systems for the bridge structures. In each of the bridges, 20 DYWIDAG 27 strand Tendons and Type MA 6827 Anchorages were used (total tonnage: 170t of prestressing steel).


ProRail B.V., Netherlands

General Contractor

Royal BAM Group nv, Netherlands

Consulting Engineers

Arcadis N.V., Netherlands


DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, Department Netherlands


Production, supply, installation


40 DYWIDAG Tendons with 27 strands and Type MA 6827 Anchorages

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