DYWIDAG Bar Anchors stabilize a deep Excavation: The Denny Way Project in Seattle

In Seattle, Washington, in northwestern USA, the Denny Way Project is being built in the district of South Lake Union.

The project consists of two 41-story towers that will accommodate 1,179 apartments as well as approx. 2,620m² (28,000 ft²) of ground floor retail space.

The towers also include 8 underground floors with more than 1,400 parking spaces for which a deep excavation had to be built.

The excavation walls were stabilized using 900 bare, ST 150, 26mm Ø, 10.7 to 22m long DYWIDAG Bar Anchors. For this purpose, the individual tensioning bars were connected using 570 couplers.

In addition, 2,120 bare, ST 150, 32mm Ø, 10.4 to 25.6m long DYWIDAG Bar Anchors with 1,300 couplers were used.


ONNI Group of Companies, Canada

General Contractor

ONNI Group Real Estate Development, USA


Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc., USA


Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc., Canada

Consulting Engineers

Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers, Canada


KPFF Consulting Engineers, USA


GeoPacific Consultants Ltd., Canada


DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc., BU Geotechnics, USA


Production, supply


900 26mm Ø, 10.7 to 22m long DYWIDAG Bar Anchors, 2,120 32mm Ø, 10.4 to 25.6m long DYWIDAG Bar Anchors

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