Simulation of Deflection using GEWI® Bars: The Proellstrasse 15 Construction Project in Augsburg

Recently, GEWI® Bars were used as a prestressing system for a construction project in Proellstrasse 15, Augsburg, Germany.

A girder in the new building was designed to carry a concrete slab that had not yet been concreted. The additional weight of the concrete slab would cause the girder to deflect downward.

In order to minimize the deflection, avoid crack formation and compensate for the movements caused by the additional loads, DYWIDAG-Systems International Germany simulated the deflection in advance by tensioning the girder downwards.

The girder was connected to a foundation via GEWI® Bars that were then prestressed. 4 32mmØ, St 500/550, 5m long GEWI® Bars including 8 anchor plates with anchor nuts were used for this purpose. In addition, 2 40mm Ø, St 500/550, 1.80m long GEWI® Bars with 2 anchor plates including anchor nuts and 2 welding pieces were used.

The 32mm diameter bars were first used to seize the girder, which was then connected to the 40mm Ø GEWI® Bars in the foundation. In order to position the stressing chair correctly, smaller plates with cropped corners were used for load distribution towards the larger plates.

The movements at the building were measured by the customer. At a load of 300kN, final deflection at the 40mm Ø GEWI® Bars only amounted to a total of 20mm.

The tensioning system will be removed by DYWIDAG-Systems International once the slab has been concreted.

General Contractor

JOSEF HEBEL GmbH & Co. KG Bauunternehmung, Germany


DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, BU Equipment, Germany


technical support


4 32mm Ø, St 500/550, 5m long GEWI® Bars, 2 40mm Ø, St 500/550, 1.80m long GEWI® Bars

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